How to Configure Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer via Group Policy

Microsoft didn't exactly make configuring Trusted Sites in Group Policy (GPO) a straight forward thing. Thankfully this simple how-to will get you off the ground getting Trusted Sites configured quickly and easily.

First either create a GPO and link it to the desired OU or edit an existing where you have the computer(s) located in Active Directory you want to have this setting.

NOTE: the fewer GPO's you have the better. Try to always keep GPO's stacked on top of eachother and don't duplicate settings. This will help cut down on configuration issues and the time it takes for a user to login.

Now in the GPO you're editing go to Computer Configuration –> Administrative Tools –> Windows Components –> Internet Explorer –> Internet Control Panel –> Security Page and then double click to the zone assignment list in the right pane.

Next you want to Enable then click on the "Show..." button.

Now all you need to do is add all your URL's you want to this list and specify what zone you want them configured for. The top field is for the URL, the second field requires a number to specify what zone to place the URL in. In our case we want the URL in the Trusted Zone so we would place a number "2" in this field. Here are all the numbers and what zones they represent.

1. Intranet zone – sites on your local network.
2. Trusted Sites zone – sites that have been added to your trusted sites.
3. Internet zone – sites that are on the Internet.
4. Restricted Sites zone – sites that have been specifically added to your restricted sites.

After you update you can either wait 15 minutes for the Policy to go into effect or force via reboot or run the gpupdate command.