An Easy way to Manage Disks and Volumes in Windows

Ever heard of DISKPART? You have now. It's a very easy way to manage your disks in Windows 2000, XP, & 2003. It's a standard tool for XP and 2003 however if your running 2000 then you will need to download it. The links are at the bottom of this post.

This little command line utility is very easy to work with but powerful.

For example: lets say you added a disk to your RAID5 set and you want to add it to your current volume. Instead of taking the time to convert to dynamic disks which would lead to down time since the volume would need to be unmounted you can use diskpart to expand it. The way you do this is by running the diskpart command, type "list volume", then select the volume by typing "select volume N" N being the volume number, then type "extend" to extend to the max size or you can type "extend size=N" this time N represents the size in MB.

Diskpart does have some limitations but you will find it very helpful.

You can download diskpart here.
You can find more information about diskpart here.