Create Your Own Home Brewed T1 Cable

I'm currently supporting 2 sites that are about a mile apart. I've got a T1 that bridges the 2 networks together but I wanted some redundancy (not to mention a faster connection). So I decided to invest in a couple of Cisco 1300 wireless bridges which would give us a 54mb link. The problem was I wanted to test them, along with the routing, in a lab environment. I had a couple spare 2600's laying around so I connected them up and did some searching. After a while I came across this Cisco page that shows you how to make a loop back end both physically and logically for your router. This is great if you only want to test your CSU/DSU, but I wanted to actually make a T1 cable to test the routes to make sure they worked the way I needed them to before I applied them to the production network. So I yanked out a few feet of Cat5 and created a T1 cable that basically mirrored the loopback on both ends. It worked great and I had a full 1.544mb connection between the CSU/DSU's.

Here is a picture to show how I made it along with how to make a physical loopback T1: